About Us

ColoredCow is a problem solving company; we solve business problems through technology. We center the solutions around our clients and the people their business affects. Our software products and services grow business when we make connection at the heart by making empathy the main element. We believe in providing long lasting solutions that we can share as success stories. A colored cow would always stand out from the crowd; we do justice to our name by reflecting the same in our thoughts and in the way we work.


Everything we do, we believe in reducing the waste in problem solving. We believe in connecting with our clients through empathy. We add purpose and meaning to what we do. The way we reduce waste is by providing exact solutions. We do not just build websites, we solve problems. We solve it with the use of design and technology that is beautiful and easy to use.


Ideas should be treated with wisdom and delivered in delight.



Our service isn’t an exchange of documents, it is a platform to create stories. We will become your extension and then fix the challenges that stop you from growing bigger and getting ahead.
We use technology to leverage your business to achieve big wins.
We put all our experience and new learning into the solution we create for you.

In today’s world of ever-evolving business needs, we help business leaders launch their ideas in a fast & cost effective way. We believe in creating empathetic human centered solutions by aligning them with client’s vision and the people their business affects.

We work with other startups to implement their internet business ideas by providing them end-to-end solutions. Starting from the requirements phase and taking it all the way to a tailor-made delivery.

Our work on web & mobile applications and websites spans healthcare, social sector, food tech, education and marketing areas. Our services so far range from building and upgrading applications to providing designing and technical assistance.



We believe Execution is the breath of a product. Our smart team will help you develop your idea and build it to your vision. We will discover your product and use the best practices to ship it from our lab to the market.

After developing successful products for our clients we have now also ventured into the product industry with our flagship product ManageMyNGO in social sector. We have also developed an in-house invoicing product for easy and automated invoicing.


Success stories

  • Our flagship project ManageMyNGO is based on the idea of helping the NGO sector to streamline their operations by providing a digital platform for all the time consuming non-core activities
  • We recently redesigned and rewrote a healthcare platform for a major company in US to help practices in patient management by bringing together referral management, Electronic Healthcare Records and reporting all under a single umbrella.
  • We worked on a new product for one of our overseas client where we conceptualised and developed an sms based support system that can be easily integrated into any web app.
  • We worked with a Kentucky based food startup to implement their vision of ‘Clean Eating Made Easy’ with technology.


How we do it

Making it happen!’.

We take projects in different shapes and sizes. The only criteria being the passion for the idea. We focus on understanding the requirements right, setting a realistic measure of success for it and then putting right blend of our expertise and experience to achieve it.

Over time we have gained experience of working with a range of people to launch their web apps, mobile apps and business websites. This enables us to solve the problem with a closer eye and a faster pace.

We have a diverse team that is empowered in different aspects of software engineering. We work on ideas be it ours or other people’s and give them the shape and depth that they require.

Our design team works in close sync with you to shape your ideas into right specifications, emphasising on the first step right. With requirements ready, our quick prototyping methodologies helps you envision your idea in each phase of product development which in turn empowers us in shipping fast.

  • Planning
    • Spec writing for where you want to get to and the goals to achieve. Aligning your vision with what your users would want.
  • UX and Design
    • Once we make things work functionally and structurally, we put in place the principles of good design from usability and aesthetic senses.
  • Development
    • We follow an agile methodology of delivering the project. We use test servers, where daily builds make our progress visible.
  • Tools
    • Version control with Git and GitHub repository
    • Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, GoDaddy
    • Development Environment: Vagrant Virtual Machines, Homestead, Valet, MAMP
    • Cloud Development Environment: Cloud9, CodeAnyWhere
  • Design
    • Design Thinking
    • Sketchapp
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Adobe Photoshop
  • Programming Languages and Frameworks
    • PHP Frameworks: Laravel, WordPress, CodeIgniter
    • JAVA Framework: Liferay, Hibernate
    • Javascript Framework: AngularJS, NodeJS, VueJS
    • Node Technologies: Socket.IO, BlueButton
    • CSS Framework: Bootstrap 3/4, Foundation, LESS, SASS
    • Apache and NGINX server
    • Database: MySQL, REDIS
    • React Native, iOS, Android, PhoneGap. Apache Cordova