Cultivating a culture with values and shared beliefs
Tushar Bohra
May 2, 2018

What’s needed to fulfill the mission to do great work and be successful?

It’s not only the skills, but also how you behave, your attitude towards your work that makes it great and leads you to become successful. Your behaviour is highly influenced by your environment. At ColoredCow, we believe in working in an environment that encourages us to do our best. By cultivating a set of shared values and beliefs that our team lives by, we’re assured to be on track with the mission.

The values below are more than words which you will experience as soon as you enter ColoredCow. Anyone who knows us is motivated by how we live and work each day and you’re welcome to spend time with us to see for yourself.


Take Responsibility

In life, you can choose to walk past the good work that’s happening around you without acknowledging it or joining in. You can also choose to always be told what to do instead of taking responsibility and creating something remarkable. By joining in the good work and taking responsibility to contribute, we keep our workplace happy, motivated and sustainable. We believe in completely owning what we’re responsible for and then taking some more that benefits everyone.


Build Remarkable

It takes all the careful attention to details and care for people around us to build something remarkable. It takes years of practice and lots of failure, because creating remarkable isn’t easy. It isn’t built in one day, and remarkable isn’t ‘what’ we build but ‘why’ and ‘how’ we build it. It isn’t one big conclusion we’ve been working and waiting for, remarkable is present in small, everyday acts.


Always Learning

Whether it is a skill or self-awareness to do the things better, we learn what we need, to rise and do better. Learning is future oriented, it is a path for growth, it is what we need extra apart from doing what we’re responsible for. Failures and mistakes are a part of doing good work, but what’s more important is to learn from them. We learn as a group, we learn from each other. And because we know we’re always learning we don’t feel there’s something we can’t do.


Respecting and Making Each Other Successful

We’re all friends working together, a team with family values. We respect our people, their backgrounds, their choices because it is afterall the people that we get connected to. And this connection makes us want to come back and start a new day. We take time to help others even if it requires us to go out of our way to do that. We want others to succeed, that’s what makes us become a better team. And going from ‘I’ to ‘We’, is the secret ingredient that makes everyone successful.


Plentiful for Everyone

We imagine everyone at ColoredCow leading a life of plentiful- financially, spiritually, in the body and mind. It’s a lifestyle, it’s when we have enough for ourselves so we can live happily and do our best. Plentiful is the opposite to hoard, because when the mindset is to hoard, there will never be enough. Our team grows on the idea of a collective pool that has plenty for anyone’s needs.


Freedom and Creativity

We regard what we’re doing as the most important work of our lives. To do what is best for ColoredCow and to put our best forward, we need the freedom to think independently. It is a great responsibility that allows each of us to make impact in our unique way. It allows our people to be creative and free to think outside the box.