Have backup for project team
Pankaj Agarwal
December 5, 2017

Two weeks ago, I got the news that one of our team members has to leave the company (He was the key man in one of our main project) and I need to immediately take the charge of his project.

Before leaving he has given his estimate and releasing dates of a feature to the client. So I jumped into the project and started developing that feature. We finish that feature in a given timeframe without creating any problem to our client.  

After this, I realize that we have done this so many times and every time we delivered the product successfully. Our clients always praise us for this unique style of resource switching. I thought I should share my thoughts on how we manage our resources and give more confidence and assurance to our clients.

Keep sharing the project’s updates with the team –  Once in a week, we have a Townhall meeting where we discuss our ongoing project updates. We also share the fun stories, frustrations and feeling for the project with the team. This gives an idea of the current state of the project to the team members.

Solid Tech support and mentorship – This is the main area. We have very strong tech team and which gives us the confidence to start a new thing.

Follow the same standard and development process across all the projects –  In ColoredCow we try to follow the same development practices and process (from development to deployment) across all the projects be it WordPress, laravel, PHP or anything. That’s why It became a bit easy for a new member to get into any project. Everyone also tries to focus on the documentation of the feature (for some important one ) we built so that it can become a reference pointer for the new guy.