Building a SAAS platform for first-time entrepreneurs
Tushar Bohra
November 5, 2020
  • Realize and discuss the common constraints of such projects with the clients
    • Low budget
    • Evolving requirements
    • Abstractions
    • High-cost sensitivity
  • Deal with abstractions at an early stage.
    • Requirements clarifications and detailing prior to moving forward.
    • Freeze requirements before moving ahead.
  • Utilizing popular and open source services for cost-effectiveness.
  • Laying down the right foundation
    • Plan for scalability in data quantity and feature requests.
  • Early feedbacks are not helpful in these projects.
    • They disturb entropy since the requirements can evolve but the budget does not.
    • Better to freeze requirements in the early stage and then build the MVP.
    • Launch and plan to work on feedbacks later.
  • Setting up acceptable quality standards for both partners.
    • Realizing no platform is perfect and bug-free.
    • It gets better with usage.
  • Planning and showing a vision for the next steps. How will we support once the platform goes live?