Content Strategist
ColoredCow is built on a strong foundation of developing softwares with a purpose, and deep integration with life values. Help us give it words & voice.

Why ColoredCow?

In 2014 ColoredCow started with a simple core thought – that no meaningful idea should remain just an idea and that our work should support and enrich the lives we want to lead. Over time, ColoredCow has played a pivotal role in fueling our creative ambitions, our deep desire to do quality work, and to do it the right way – with care, harmony, and commitment. It has allowed us to create an environment for ourselves where we can execute our best possible work while continuously pushing the limit.

It is a collective group which people can rely on for their diverse, challenging problems. It is a place where we can do the things the right way and have the opportunity to influence the outcomes. We work hard, with all of our heart, to create things that enrich our souls and add meaning to our lives. It is easier to do so when everyone is committed towards the same direction.

Why this role?

The team has put in countless hours in the past few years to build a strong portfolio and assets for our organisation. Whether it is our process, projects, skills, offices etc… We believe in being purposeful and asking ‘why’ at each step of the way. This helps us stay authentic and go deep into the craft.

If you talked to any of the team members you will see it reflect. You’ll hear us pour our passion when we talk about our work and our experiences. However, we don’t make it easy for people discover our passion at their pace. In other words, our stories reside deep in our hearts and we want to change that.

Our audiences going through the company literature should be able to get the right idea of ColoredCow. We want to bridge the gap between our capabilities and what people think we can do. We want to do this by telling our story right with the right words and voice. If you’re an empathetic storyteller, write to y

What are you required to do?
  • Build a deep understanding of ColoredCow and become a believer of the company’s potential yourself.
  • Produce content for various resources, skills, processes, domains and everything else that gives a 360 degree view of ColoredCow, ex. we want to write brilliant case studies, knowledge articles, capability showcase. We have all the thoughts for it, but need a simple and effective storytelling.
  • Interact with team members and clients to uncover the stories worth telling.
  • Learn what our audiences want to hear first and create a narrative that draws them in.
  • Train and nurture the team to create content themselves for their respective areas.
  • Enable the team to engage in their relevant communities with a communication plan.
  • Leverage the elements of SEO and help us our increase visibility.
  • Contribute with highly refined and resourceful guest blogs at relevant publications.
Who can apply?

Content writers with 3-5 years of experience, from all backgrounds are welcome to apply. Software development background would be an added bonus.

We want to bring a mature and expert perspective to how we communicate about our company. We’re looking for someone who understands instantly what we’re talking about and can take the extra mile to learn and educate themselves about the unknown areas.