Data Researcher – US Healthcare
Data Researcher

About the Project

The digital Healthcare industry is on a rise especially in the US. There are a lot of technological solutions required for the US market than ever before. At ColoredCow we are very excited for our positioning to work in this domain. For the past six years, we have partnered with various corporate leaders and startups. And in the latest update, we’re partnering with a large US-based healthcare data aggregator. They value the importance of data, and provide data healthcare solutions and services like none other, ranging from availability, specialty, insurance, etc…

To remain above the competitors, they must regularly update and gather new data. Majority of this happens via automated scripts and machine learning. However, many times human intervention is required as well.

We are looking for individuals to assist with the human intervention part of the process. They should be able to understand the requirements, follow the process, research, and collect the data in the required format. The individual should have good discretion to be able to identify the correct information and store it. They should have good communication skills for sharing the progress and be part of a larger team.

  • Working knowledge of working with Excel and Word
  • Basic understanding of healthcare terminology
  • A laptop
  • Working days – Monday to Friday
  • Timings – 10am to 6pm
  • The candidates will be required to be in office (Gurugram/Dehradun/Tehri).
  • The initial engagement will be 1 month. This will be increased based on performance review.
  • Work from home will be allowed on a performance basis.
  • Candidates will start from a monthly salary of Rs. 15,000
  • An additional bonus of up to Rs. 2500 can be provided on a performance basis.
Team Lead

We plan to hire a large number of individuals to execute this work. With the big team, we are also looking for individuals that are willing to go above the role of data researcher and work as team leads.
The role of the team lead would be to ensure coordination between the individuals, quality assurance on the data, proper documentation, and process improvements. They will help others to execute the work better and ensure high productivity. They will also be responsible for meeting the timelines.

This will also open up the opportunity to play bigger roles of team lead for individuals doing good and going beyond.

Skill Set required
  • Stage 1
    • Good written and spoken English communication skills
    • Working knowledge of Excel, Word, and general software.
    • Good discretion to compare the records to pick the right one.
  • Stage 2
    • Ability to understand the concept of NPI and execute the test sheet.
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