DevOps Engineer

  • ManageMyNGO (MMN)

    You will work on an application we’re building in NGO sector. It aims to connect NGOs and Corporate to build their CSR relations with the supervision of the govt. This platform will allow NGOs to focus on their root cause activities so that their work can have a larger impact. This digital product will free them from the extraneous efforts they put in getting funds from the corporate. You will be required to use your skills and expertise to build a robust platform that solves real problems for the intended users. Your work will be innovative so that you help the entire team achieve more than what each one alone can.
    We’re developing the pilot version in partnership with Haryana Government and it will be used by 100 NGOs initially.

  • Healthcare platform for eyecare industry

    You will work on a health platform for one of our Healthcare clients in the eyecare industry. It is a cloud-based web & mobile solution to improve clinical workflow, yield better clinical outcomes, lower practice costs and introduce new revenue streams.

Your Journey

As a DevOps Engineer, you would be responsible for bringing and spreading knowledge, ideas, and hands-on implementation skills needed to deliver and run software services. You will be working in close proximity with the team and the client to understand the requirements, design and implement the infrastructure for running the software service. To dive into the details you will:

  • Setup and manage different environments across different web programming languages
  • Deploying/releasing applications built on iOS and/or Android
  • Design and implement build & deployment systems, infrastructure, environments, etc.
  • Administer application servers (Tomcat), web servers (Apache) and databases (MySQL).
    • Configure applications servers to support SSL, CSR, etc.
    • Debug/Troubleshoot problems
    • Performance Monitoring and Management.
  • Evangelize DevOps practices within ColoredCow
Must Reads

Work during the day and read by night. Must reads for this programme:

  • Pragmatic Programmer, by Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas
  • Passionate Programmer, by Chad Fowler
  • Code Complete 2, by Steve McConnell
  • Version Control by Example, by Eric Sink
Recommended Reads
  • The Cathedral and the Bazaar, by Eric S. Raymond
  • Eat that Frog, by Brian Tracy
  • DevOps in Practice, by Danilo Sato

We expect you to be adept at:

  • Basics of various Operating Systems, like Linux, Ubuntu, Windows, etc.
  • Various cloud platforms, like AWS, Rackspace, etc.
  • App Stores and deployment/releasing techniques
  • Various server infrastructure designs
  • Capacity planning/forecasting
  • DR/Backup planning
  • Eagerness to learn enough about tools, technologies, and tricks required to get the job done
  • Database concepts
  • SDLC concepts


Being aware of the following concepts and tools will immensely help you:

  • Continuous Integration
  • Version control methods (preferably Git)