Growth Marketing

Do you want to help create more impact through your work? Do you have a knack to create stories that connect, resonate and spread? Are you someone who wants to make a mark so that people truly miss us if that connection is gone?

Marketing at ColoredCow is our quest to help organizations overcome challenges and create a big impact. It’s not about shouting, hustling or coercion. It’s a generous act of helping others solve a problem. Their problem.

While this journey has been remarkable for us and we are excited about making more impact through our work, what excites us, is the journey forward, towards creating more impact once we have more bright minds join us.

Your Journey

You can contribute to this journey if you are keen to understand the problems organizations face and want to help them solve their challenges. You will be required to learn about the product inside out more than anyone else. To understand that true growth can only happen with long-term relationships. To work in close proximity with the leadership team (of ColoredCow and partner organizations) to build and execute a sustainable marketing strategy. To dive into the details, you will be:

  • Asking lots of questions to understand the different problems, potential and existing customers face.
  • Understanding the business domain and finding how our problem solving is relevant for the market
  • Educating the outside world, partners, and clients about the relevant work by understanding their journey.
  • Working on delivering persistent, consistent, and frequent stories which connect and create new experiences for an audience
  • Influencing product decisions through your insights
Must Reads

Working during the day and reading by night. Must reads for this programme:

  • Book Yourself Solid, by Michael Port
  • Tribe, by Seth Godin
  • This is Marketing, by Seth Godin
  • How to win and influence people, by Dale Carnegie
Recommended Reads
  • The Lean Startup, by Eric Ries
  • Badass, by Kathy Sierra
  • Never Eat Alone, by Keith Ferrazzi
What you need to start the Journey

We expect you to be adept at:

  • Ability to clearly express yourself both in person and on paper
  • Working with and supporting multiple teams simultaneously
  • Networking and meeting new people
  • Customer relationship building, including writing email and asking probing questions