Product Designer

  • ManageMyNGO (MMN)

    You will work on an application we’re building in NGO sector. It aims to connect NGOs and Corporate to build their CSR relations with the supervision of the govt. This platform will allow NGOs to focus on their root cause activities so that their work can have a larger impact. This digital product will free them from the extraneous efforts they put in getting funds from the corporate. You will be required to use your skills and expertise to build a robust platform that solves real problems for the intended users. Your work will be innovative so that you help the entire team achieve more than what each one alone can. We’re developing the pilot version in partnership with Haryana Government and it will be used by 100 NGOs initially.

  • Healthcare platform for eyecare industry

    You will work on a health platform for one of our Healthcare clients in the eyecare industry. It is a cloud-based web & mobile solution to improve clinical workflow, yield better clinical outcomes, lower practice costs and introduce new revenue streams.

  • Healthcare platform for therapy practices

    You will work on a health platform made for the management of therapy practices. It is a cloud-based web & mobile solution with electronic features that help therapists and staff optimize their clinical workflow to provide better care to patients.


Your Journey

As a Product Designer, you will research, discover, and create solutions for business problems through an understanding of the end users. You will work to simplify the business and end user goals, as ColoredCow is known for providing solutions.

Rather than being boxed-in, you are flexible thinkers when it comes to business strategy, design, and problem-solving. You will use your innate curiosity for why people do what they do. You will do qualitative research, rapid prototyping, and business value analysis in an iterative agile delivery environment.

If you want to bridge the gap between business and design, this role is for you.

Must Reads

Work during the day and read by night. Must read for this programme:

  • Don’t Make Me Think – Steve Krug
  • The Lean Startup –  Eric Ries
  • Badass, Making user Awesome – Kathy Sierra
  • The Design of Everyday Things – Donald A. Norman
Recommended Reads
  • How to Win & Influence People – Dale Carnegie
  • Getting Things Done – David Allen
  • The Goal –  Eliyahu M. Goldratt
  • Eat that Frog – Brian Tracy
What you need to start the Journey
  • Ability to create rapid, iterative, and low-fi prototypes
  • Knowledge of tools and concepts around human-centered design
  • Qualitative research skills in user discovery
  • User testing, storytelling, and translating between business and technical jargon
  • Strong business acumen; ability to relate, understand, grasp concepts, and interpret client/user needs
  • Work alongside teams of stakeholders, and developers
  • Act as an end user advocate
  • Help the client to understand the value of end users to their business
  • Practice and evangelize agile and lean design principles
  • Work in an informal, collaborative, transparent, ego-free culture where your talent is valued over your title
  • Develop your career outside of the confines of a traditional career path by focusing on what you’re passionate about instead of a predetermined, one-size-fits-all plan
  • Make a real impact outside of work by leading and/or contributing to communities within ColoredCow
  • Freely voice your ideas and views as part of continuous open and passionate debate