Product Evangeliser (Tides)
Tides has the power to uplift lives. Help us tell the product story in the right way, to the right people.

About Tides

At ColoredCow, we are really passionate about building meaningful products and empowering people with it. With the same spirit we’re building as SaaS platform- Tides with one of our Tech4Dev partners based in the Silicon Valley. It is a two-way communication application for the social development sector in focus. With a long standing experience in the social sector, we realise the importance and potential of such a tool to uplift the lives of so many people belonging in the vulnerable/marginalised communities.

We are developing the product at a rapid pace. We’re moving fast and we had accomplished a tremendous progress in just 6 months. We have also onboarded upto 20 customers and are actively developing the product alongside them.

This is a unique opportunity for us to make a positive impact on the world with our work, and for you to join us in this mission.

The Opportunity

Tides is SaaS offering for a unique platform that enables NGOs to chat and make an impact in the lives of the communities they support. NGOs can use it for their education/training programs and make reliable, credible, empowering information available to the people who might need it the most.

Watch this concept video and tell us you’re not convinced?


If you are, we need you to help us tell the impacts of this product more strongly, passionately and extensively.  We are not looking to spam and interfere our audience with information about our product. We want to position it in such a way that our audience can see the same value that we see. What’s more is that you have the ability to help them reach that value through your powerful storytelling and communication skills.


Here’s what you’ll be required to do:

  • Build a deep understanding of the product and the various use cases it can support the customers with
  • Manage marketing activities such as weekly newsletters, and manage other awareness and distribution strategies
  • Create a consistent stream of engagements with the audience that aims to expand the user base
  • Learn from the audience and find a fitment
  • Always think in terms of empowering the customers to do more
  • Take ownership and create communication strategy for various formats and channels – such as blog, email, video, tweet etc…
  • You can also be the voice for our audience and help us make the product more remarkable for them
  • Work closely with the product team and support team to build relevant stories
What you need for this Journey

As a product evangeliser, you are required to do a simple thing – find effective ways for the product story to reach as many people as possible in the social development sector.

  • You are required to be a great communicator, with strong written and verbal skills.
  • You are detail oriented and won’t leave any stone unturned in learning about the product, people, and domain.
  • You are a storyteller and are always thinking of share-worthy stories in all the good things you do.
  • You bring a unique and creative point-of-view to look at any subject matter.
  • You consider each touchpoint with the audience as an important point of engagement.
  • You are humble and give priority to listening to what the audience has to say first, before telling your story. You lead them with questions rather than pitches.


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Next steps?

If you’re interested in being a part of this dynamic and fast-paced group who wants to make a difference, please fill out the form below. We’ll reach out to you for an interview to understand how well you can handle the role.

One way to make an impressive application would be to learn as much about the product as you can understand before the interview.