Product Onboarding Specialist (Tides)
Empower current Tides customers using the platform, and the new ones interested in signing up.

About Tides

At ColoredCow, we are really passionate about building meaningful products and empowering people with it. With the same spirit we’re building as SaaS platform- Tides with one of our Tech4Dev partners based in the Silicon Valley. It is a two-way communication application for the social development sector in focus. With a long standing experience in the social sector, we realise the importance and potential of such a tool to uplift the lives of so many people belonging in the vulnerable/marginalised communities.

We are developing the product as a rapid pace. We’re moving fast and we have accomplished a tremendous progress in just 6 months. We have also onboarded upto 10 customers already and are actively developing the product alongside them.

This is a unique opportunity for us to make a positive impact on the world with our work, and for you to join us in this mission.

The Opportunity

It surely is a start of something wonderful. You get to with a stellar team that has extensive experience in the social sector domain and you get to work with the best people from the domain as well. As we are building the product alongside the customers, it needs active support – hearing out their challenges in using the product and offering creative solutions. Here’s what you’ll be required to do:

  • Build a deep understanding of the product and the various use cases it can support the customers with
  • Always think in terms of empowering the customers to do more
  • Engage in 1:1 consultations to understand where they might be getting stuck. Collect the relevant context and aspects of their challenges.
  • Offer relevant solutions or connect back with the team with feedback
  • Build strong relationships, and generate new opportunities for the Tides teams, be it sales, design, development or communications.
  • Engage with the community and be an evangeliser of the product.
What you need for this Journey

This role requires you to be people facing. While we focus mostly on a simplified user-experience, and it’s not mandatory but some technical knowledge would be appreciated.

  • You are required to be a great communicator, with strong written and verbal skills.
  • You need to be able to empathise with customers and team members for smooth exchange of ideas.
  • You are detail oriented and won’t leave any stone unturned in learning about the product, people, and domain.
  • You bring a growth mindset and can see opportunities for the growth of the product.
  • You need to have good problem solving skills
  • You are passionate about overall mission and how Tides impacts the social sector and our world.
  • Your ability to be there for customers’ requirements as per their convenience would be immensely appreciated.


Next steps?

If you’re interested in being a part of this dynamic and fast-paced group who wants to make a difference, please fill out the form below. We’ll reach out to you for an interview to understand how well you can handle the role.

One way to make an impressive application would be to learn as much about the product as you can understand before the interview.