Software Developer (Social Sector)

Over years, we have partnered with various social sector organizations that have been empowering communities through technology in all sorts of ways. Be it self-defense training, re-initiating the green revolution or educating youth in artificial intelligence. With our tech expertise, we support these extraordinary organizations by increased automation, data-driven decision making and help them to focus on their core mission.

We ourselves have been helping communities grow through our products like Tides, ManageMyNGO and 555 Telemedicine for Tehri. We feel excited and fortunate to be empowering the community.

As we are growing rapidly, we are looking for more enthusiastic people who can join us in this journey and develop more meaningful softwares to make a real impact.

Here you will gain

We guarantee an immense amount of professional and personal growth, opportunity to work & build and a competitive salary based on your skills, values and what you bring to the table.

Here’s what you will gain in addition to the above:

  1. Exposure to work with professionals and industry leaders
  2. An opportunity to implement your skills and leave an impact with your contribution
  3. A chance to become a part of India’s growth journey
  4. Experience the startup culture

We look forward to onboarding a dynamic person with these skillset:

  1. Generate insights by asking questions and doing your own research, to know more about the project goals.
  2. Be flexible to adapt to the processes that work best for a particular project or a client.
  3. Good in communications methods to show relentless support towards the clients and the progress of their projects.
  4. We look forward to people who are flexible and comfortable to work in multiple technologies:
    • Understanding of front-end and back-end technologies
    • Object oriented programming, MVC architecture
    • Project experiences in database technologies, data structures and algorithms
    • Source management tools like Git & GitHub

Feel you’re not there yet? We can help you get ready through our internship program.
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Be a part of these amazing projects

Make impact by contributing to projects that are working for a change!

  1. Toolbox India: Providing capacity building assistance to NPOs through its portfolio of highly skilled, corporate volunteers
  2. Dost Education: Providing early childhood development and education by empowering parents.
  3. National Volunteering Grid: Application to promote volunteering opportunities all across the nation – bridge the gap that exists between the not-for-profit/civil society organizations with corporate volunteers.
  4. Social Lens: Enabling social organisations, philanthropic investors and foundations to achieve their social impact goals.
  5. Buddha Fellowship: Helping young and experienced bright minds to take the entrepreneurial journey to build equitable and empowered communities.
  6. ManageMyNGO: Aiming to connect NGOs and corporates to build their CSR relations with the supervision of the government and allowing non-profits to focus on their root cause activities so that their work can have a larger impact.
  7. Green India project: Focusing on grass-root level trees plantation all across India and calculating carbon footprint for every user.
  8. AI-enabled Young India: Focusing on free courses for school & college students to understand the benefits of AI, learn and build social impact AI solutions.


To know more about our work in the social sector, visit our Social Development page.