A video solution to track the growth of kids in school

A large school franchise ‘A’ had to implement a video solution for their school to track students’ activities and help parents keep a better check on their kids. A service provider ‘B’ installs cameras and records each child’s activity under an identifier name which corresponds to that child’s details. ‘A’ also has the information of the child under an identifier name. It is not possible for both their identifier names to be the same as they both have their own systems. Now the task was to link the live video streams obtained by B to the correct student in A’s database, so that the parents could see their own child’s feed. We built a software solution that took data from both A and B’s systems and stored it in tables. We used child’s parent’s email id, an information which was unique to each child and common to A and B’s databases to map the information correctly.

This solution sounds simple but then that is what we aim for. Simplicity.

It not only solved the problem of connecting each child’s video stream but it also allowed the parents to see the feed of their own child and not the feed coming from all the other cameras.
After mapping one school’s database with B’s, we had to expand the software to accommodate other schools under A’s franchise. Each child’s feed recorded by B had to be mapped correctly with that child in his/her school’s records. Each school had an access token with which they interacted with B for the child’s feed. B received each school’s children’s data through the A. We made an automated, easy to fill form which allowed A to take a child’s data from his/her school. And we scaled the method we used for one school to map video feeds that incorporated other schools which needed this service.

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