Building a vision for the human behaviour analytics product

Predictive Strategy Group is a licensed partner of Predictive Index. They advocate for a human behavior analytics and learning indicator tool which companies can use to achieve a growth in the workforce. Their strong belief in this tool led them to start a company in India. They also do consultation to mobilize and effectively leverage the results from the tool.

Today PI is present in 140 countries and works with more than 8,000 clients, 80 of which are Fortune 500 companies.

With such a big network, we had to make sure to align with their brand direction and company culture.

Since we work with budding startups to launch their products, Predictive Strategy Group was a good match.

To begin working on their website development, we addressed the purpose it was solving for them and how we could integrate a solution that worked best for their business.

We had to identify the people who were going to be visiting and then design a flow that made it easy and quick to access relevant information for their prospective clients.



For a starting business, the website had to be ready to generate leads, speak effectively for the product and be able to approach the entire spectrum of audience.

We were proactive on launching the website before it reached perfection. We planned out the most important sections and rolled them out as soon as they were complete. This move helped them earn a client even before the website was ready.

Along with the SEO, we used ColoredCow’s channels such as blog and social media to credit early google searchability.

Our use of authentic graphics helps them stand out from the crowd and other licensees of PI. We used graphics where it was better to show the information rather than tell it with lengthy text. Supporting graphics helped us make the website more visual and appealing.

We give a lot of importance to communication and use the best tools to stay connected. For best results and delivered performance, we collaborated with our clients at every stage of development over Skype to demonstrate the deliverables and record the changes. Skype helped us stay connected about the vision of the business and scope of the project.

So it doesn’t matter if the client is next door or a thousand miles away. We keep them updated.

We built a fully responsive website compatible with all the major devices our target audience used, without compromising with the user experience for our client or for our client’s client. Example: whenever someone fills out a form on the website, the user gets a feedback right there and our client gets to know exactly where they received the request from so they can prepare for their clients better since they know exactly which products they were interested in.

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