Safe Campus is empowering students through self-protection
Making schools adopt a regime for empowered students

With many crises and evils in our society like gender violence, bullying, road rage, body shaming, we need to be prepared to face the tough situations in life. Both mental and physical empowerment is necessary to protect and defend ourselves. And it is the absence of fear which will help us make the best of life and build a character.


With a strong background and experience in training people in self-protection, Dee is passionate about bringing this solution to schools. Training the students would be an early intervention into the well-being of the society and it would complete their education in the true sense.



It is a proud moment for us to stand by such revolutionary ideas and give them the digital advantage of being heard, accepted and implemented. Dee’s website on this concept would reach out to schools and offer solutions for a safe campus. The platform was built with the storytelling concepts to represent the solutions with the right passion. The tone of copy and the visuals are all pieced together for the maximum impact. We created wireframes to capture the flow and the concept of the website which aligned with Dee’s passion and how the concept should be introduced to the audience.

The brand identity we created symbolizes ‘the empowered one’ and it has the ability to deliver the passion and message of bringing self-defence to institutions. The visuals were directed to position safe campus as a unique entity. The outlook had to be sharp, fun and responsible. Some of the ways were to bring out the gender neutrality when self-defence can very well be a biased subject and to represent society honestly rather than stereotypically.


It is great to see and add to new business as they evolve and get stronger and more meaningful during the process of creating their digital presence. The privilege of being able to brainstorm and walk along with them is beyond anything.


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