CodeTrek – helping us build software the right way
Tushar Bohra
January 3, 2018

ColoredCow started with the dream to solve problems of other startups in a meaningful way using technology. We wanted to not only do the problem solving, but also do it the right way. This required the combination of right tools and using them in the way they were designed. It all meant following the right process, right environment, code editor, following the correct framework etc.


We very soon realised that although it was all basics, it was not so easy to follow. Our goal required us to work with people who were passionate towards software development and skilled in using tools the right way. In our journey, we came across a lot of passionate people who shared the same thoughts. But they were struggling to acquire the right mix of skills. We also met a lot of students across multiple universities that wanted to get started. But they found the entry load to be too high and the complexity too much.


This is where we thought about working to resolve the situation from ground up. We introduced the CodeTrek programs to teach others the art of software development.  We wanted to empower the candidates in becoming a self learner in the fields required for software development. For this, we went back to the basic of learning and stressed upon the importance of hands on practice.


The ideology behind all the programs is to showcase the importance of following the right process in software development. We stick to a single problem statement that is common across all the programs. Each program targets a specific field of software development. But the candidates go over the whole cycle of building software with special emphasis on the target field.


Since the launch of CodeTrek we have introduced more than 10 programs relating to tech, design, testing, etc. We have had candidates doing multiple programs and gaining exposure in different fields. In the process they also imbibed the core software development ideology. We also found some talented individuals who have since started working on some of our internal projects.


(Read how we created and launched the first program under CodeTrek here)