CodeTrek- Grow your skills in hills
Adiba Ahmed
October 16, 2017

How can I learn new technologies?

I know little about Software, how to enhance my skills?

I feel like I am missing a lot in comparison to my friends who are studying from colleges in bigger cities and non-hilly areas?

How to learn without impacting my studies?


These were some of the questions we came across after one of our interaction sessions with engineering students in our office in Tehri. Rather than coming as a surprise, these questions refreshed our old memories when we experienced this journey ourself.


Interaction with Engineering Students in Tehri


From outside living in hills seems like a dream, having a home on top of a hill surrounded by lush green trees, the cool unpolluted air, the gentle summer breeze and the majestic snow-covered mountains, they do appeal the soul a lot. But this life comes at a price. Regular activities and basic necessities easily turn into an unavoidable struggle. Be it traveling from one place to another or getting a good education, everything needs far more effort.


Camping in the terrains of Tehri Garhwal


So when these students talked about their struggle in finding learning and growth opportunities, we knew how it felt, and now after years in the industry, we also know how it impacts people’s career. This feeling planted the seed of CodeTrek. The initial thought of helping those 15 students transformed into the desire to help every student in hills. And this is how CodeTrek was born.


Tehri Office- Post CodeTrek launch



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