Fundamentals of software development while developing a laravel webapp
why learn to build a web app?
About the session
Learn the fundamentals of software development and get introduced to the best tools and practices.

This session begins with understanding a real world problem and ends with a software that solves that problem. Anyone with basic programming knowledge in any object-oriented language can apply for this course.
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Pankaj Agarwal
Pankaj Agarwal
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Fundamentals of software development while developing a laravel webapp
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What you will build?

RSVP is an ancient practice that originated in France. In case of a gathering or social events, When the host invites guests to an event, the guests should respond back to the host acknowledging the invite and confirming their presence/absence at the event.

In the programme, participants build a software that automates the process of sending invites and getting a RSVP back from guests. It will be a fully-responsive web platform on the cloud that can be used for event management.


What all you will learn?

Programming languages and tools evolve with each day and the fittest survive. We believe one should master problem-solving using technology and not just master technology.

Participants go through a complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and learn how to explore the problem domain, estimate costs and timelines to your clients, effective communications, programming, deploying the application on cloud and getting real-time feedbacks from your users.

The software will be built on the LAMP stack and use PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS (and Bootstrap) and Javascript (and JQuery) as programming languages. For infrastructure, the participants will set up a LAMP stack on an AWS EC2 server. For project management and progress tracking, they will use GitHub.


What is the programme plan?

Phase Duration Description
Explore the Problem    1 Day Understand the problem statement and Discus your understanding with us.
Write Requirements    2 Days How can you solve the problem?
Make Wireframes    2 Days Make a blueprint of your software
Tooling    2 Days Get your machine ready for the development
Infrastructure    1 Day Setup infrastructure on the cloud for your software
Construction    28 Days Build the software
Shipping and Deployment    4 Days Ship your software and get feedback from users


What skills you need to be a part of it?

You need a laptop you can code on, an internet connection and basic programming skills in any Object Oriented Language.