Commitment as a value
Himanshu Dhiman
December 1, 2017

A commitment is a promise made by someone to do or give something. And fulfilling those commitments enables a person, to build the trust of another person, in him. In ColoredCow, the whole team follows its one of the major value that is ‘commitment‘.


We follow this value because we understand how important is to build trust with our clients, to make a healthy relationship. But, it is not all about clients. Making commitments while working in a team, and then successfully completing them, can help to raise the team’s confidence. It also raises their trust level in us.


I have not worked with our clients yet. But, I have worked with the team, and from there I know the importance of that. When we are expected to do something, then it should be done on the committed time. Due to some reason, if we are unable to fulfill, then that’s the place where communication comes into the act and helps to negotiate and find a solution. I have been in situations, where I have been under pressure because of my own over-commitments, and struggled to communicate and negotiate. I faced some hard times in these situations while making my deliveries or following a process. But I have learned the basics of making commitments, and I always try to apply those learnings while committing.

These are my learnings, which I try to follow while making commitments:

  1. Commitments should be made after analyzing the correct estimate of task completion.
  2. Negotiate if needed.