Partner with us to scale up your healthcare business

We specialize in providing top-level services and consultation for your healthcare product. We offer a balance of domain expertise, understanding of compliances, and engineering capabilities. With these, we offer services for product development, platform revamps, and healthcare integrations.

Our Experties and recent work

Our team of experts specializes different healthcare standards and compliance and capable to developing the healthcare compliance application, designing the secure architecture.

  • Clinical trial integration: Integrated openly available clinical trials to healthcare platforms.
  • Platform Migration: Migrated a healthcare product from Rackspace to AWS.
  • Encrypted emails (MDOfficeMail Integration): A way to send encrypted emails over the internet.
  • Survivorship care plan: Designed and developed a Survivorship care plan for a healthcare product.
  • PubMed integration: Integrated the free search engine accessing primarily the MEDLINE database of references and abstracts on life sciences and biomedical topicsd.
  • Cross hospital accreditation and tumorboard access: Ability to provide cross hospital accreditation teams and tumor board access to the physician.
  • Five9 Integration
  • SES DirectMail Integration
  • DevOps: Design and implemented HIPAA complaint architecture with CICD
  • Integration with insurance companies

Our experience in healthcare domain

Here are some of our work experience with this domain:

  • Scheduling based healthcare system.
  • Pediatric therapy platform.
  • Tumor board platform for cancer patient.

Healthcare as maintenance

Do you have a healthcare platform that needs maintenance?

If yes, our support team can help with upgrading the platform to the latest tech stack, make custom enhancements to the features, take care of server maintenance and security, or make sure your platform is running 24x7 without a glitch.

We’ve been powering some healthcare products for more than 3 years to run their solution smoothly.

Services we offers

  • Maintaining your existing applications.
  • Security improvements, making application HIPAA compatible.
  • Designing and building your healthcare ideas to actual platform.
  • Reporting based on the various healthcare standards.
  • Ensuring your application near zero downtime (NZD) by implementing infrastructural changes using our devOps practices.
  • Rewriting your applications from scratch.
  • Performance enhancements.