Work on your skills during college breaks – Don’t waste your Winters
Himanshu Dhiman
November 28, 2017

When students enter in college, it becomes important for some students to think about achieving a “great career”. Those are the students, who actually want to do something great in their lives. They put some great efforts to make themselves better. And I think the time of vacations brings out the best opportunity for a student, to utilize their efforts.

Students in their college breaks, generally seek to join training programs, if they want to learn something new. If they feel confident in their skills, then they look for an Internship to earn some money by utilizing their skills. There are a lot of Internships/Training where students don’t get to learn anything and get some value out of it. Let me share my experience. In college, I used to plan my vacations way before the semester end, and decide what will I do or learn those days. In the break after the completion of fourth-semester examinations, I did a training to learn Advance Java from a training institute in Dehradun, made a presentable ‘Railway Information System’ using it. and it really helped me in my next semester. But after some time, I lost my interest in Advance Java. I was not enjoying it, and I stopped practising it. I started finding something new to learn, which I thought will help me. During the break after my sixth semester, with an intention of learning, I wanted to do an internship but ended up doing a not much impactful training in terms of learning, in a government organization.

Through my above experience, I learned some valuable points about Internship and Training, It can help a student to get a clear Idea while making a choice.


When to go for Internship


In Internship, an organization will hire you to make a contribution. If you have confidence in your skills, then go out and apply for Internships. An internship helps to utilise the skills and grow in them further.


When to go for Training?

Training is required when someone is into learning something which is new to him. If you are looking to learn something, or improve something, then try to apply for a Training. If you know some skills but somehow not successful in getting an Internship, then look out for a training. Giving time to improve ourselves more can help to open more opportunities further.