Eat your frogs
Vaibhav Rathore
November 30, 2017

The blog title is derived from the book: Eat that frog. If you’ve read it, you must know what the content will be about. If you haven’t, fasten your seatbelts.

The book talks primarily about managing your tasks and prioritizing them. A task is referenced to a frog and you need to eat them one by one. Taking the concept of eating frog ahead, the book has many exercises to help you out in managing your daily task list. The first few exercises were enough for me to organize my daily checklist. Managing priorities is a very tough skill to master, yet it’s nothing more than common sense. Being able to plan which frog you need to eat first (which task you need to perform first), will allow you to have a smooth path ahead.


Recommended exercise

The best exercise, from what I’ve read, is to jot down your daily tasks on a sheet of paper. Then add priorities to each task. Some tasks will have higher priority and need to be taken care of first, some will have lower priorities, some will be big frogs and cannot be eaten quickly, some will be big but won’t be adding much value to your work, et cetera. The list goes on. I decided to set the priority level like P1 is critical, P2 is important, P3 is medium and so on. Then after adding priorities to each task, rearrange the list having all P1 tasks at the top, then P2, P3 etc. Follow the list and create a new one next morning.

You might not be able to finish your checklist at first. But as you practice and follow more, you’ll know about the priority items and your capacity of how many frogs you can eat in a day.