Employee Portal: Getting Hands-on
Vaibhav Rathore
April 2, 2018

Ever since I’ve been working on the Employee Portal, I haven’t felt more amazed about Laravel. There are various things Laravel provides out of the box. Many popular third-party integrations are built-in and don’t require anything extra than setting proper configs. However, the best thing about Laravel is its documentation. The structure, examples, snippets, update guides are top-class and easy to understand. The UI is clean, elegant and organized. Taylor Otwell has done a great job there.

This is the first time I’ve dived so deep into Laravel (and there are still miles to go) and without this documentation, the speed wouldn’t have been that fast. I could find almost everything in the docs and my StackOverflow visits are really going down.

Employee Portal is a bit less about tech, but more about a bigger vision. Like many other projects, the start can be abstract with many ideas, to begin with. But since we believe in shipping early and building iteratively to see progress in a short span of time, we figured the best way to start is to automate what we’re doing today.

We’ve been working on the HR module past week and have started the finance module. In this, we created three primary entities to get started with:

  1. Client
  2. Project
  3. Invoice

We’re going agile, and targeting to cover relationships between these three entities in the first iteration. Once that’s done, we’ll migrate our entire finance workflow to the portal and will carry on all future financial work from here. Maybe we’ll add a payment page for our clients as well?

The best thing is Employee Portal is its open source. What we’ll build, many will benefit. We had a problem and decided to solve it our own way. We have put our heart into making Employee Portal meaningful to us and others. This portal is a basic need for any organization and it’s very likely that someone somewhere is looking out for a similar solution. If you’re one of them and need help setting up Employee Portal, do reach out. If not, but you liked the idea, or maybe you want to contribute, we’ll be more than happy to get in touch.