Empowering our customers with more value, more impact
Abhishek Sharma
December 16, 2017

Most of the times in our exchanges with the vendors we feel helpless. We feel we could get more out of the exchange. It ends up with a feeling of being settled for less. Well, as customers we have onus to be diligent and not make the lives of the vendors hell. At the same time, they could make minor adjustments in their services to navigate us through those situations bravely and delightfully.


We know how it feels to be a customer, so we draw from these experiences to do better as vendors. At ColoredCow, we’re always thinking of ways to make our clients powerful with what we build for them and how we do it. This is one of the core reasons why we want to build better, more impactful products. That’s the way it should happen. We work with ambitious people and give them back the value that empowers them to meet their ambition. We want all those who can dream of solving their challenging problems through websites to have their dream fulfilled.


I may risk sounding pompous but the truth is that we’re building this outcome into our processes and in the very essence of how we do things. It doesn’t happen in one day or as a matter of one moment of enlightenment. It takes months of practice and a promise to keep forever. Things will not always be perfect but they will turn out great as long as we look forward to more impact and more value.