Exploring, Traveling, & Learning one of our NGO partners’s eco-system
Abhishek Sharma
March 8, 2018

Our journey started when we were invited to our partner’s annual event in Mumbai – a gathering of people from the social sector to share ideas and create a stronger NGO community. A two-day trip allowing us to immerse into the experiences of the social development sector. We got to build better relationship within our team and with the client. We’re happy to share some of the moments from our trip:


Checked-in. Making sure everything is set for their big event. Website and portal launch presentation, check.



When work is not dependent on location and setting. Finding a serene place and getting some work done before the event.





The gathering itself. Listening to all the interesting and insightful experiences from the various NGOs present at the event. Interacting with some esteemed panelists like Padma Bhushan awardee Mr. Julio Ribero.



Good to hear about the work done through the year in the social sector, by our partner.



Meeting with the ToolBox team, our long-term partner, over breakfast the next day to discuss some of the overriding challenges in capturing data from the on-ground work and finding solutions for impact measurement of the same.


Building meaningful partnerships is a satisfying part of doing good work. And so is to remember to include play with the work. There are unforgettable times when you get to get to do both. These are all the perks we need from our work, where we get a chance to be on the move.