Follow your Calling.
Shubham Joshi
December 4, 2017

Remember when we were children how we used to do some of the most irrational things like making a sand castle and creating a story around it or creating our own games with our rules and storyline. If you would recall then you’ll realize that how these things don’t fit in the world, but they, at that time defined us.

As we grew older, we started to fit in the system, trying to mould our thinking with the purpose that society has framed for us. It is at this time that we lost the sense of our calling. Most of the people struggle to find their calling because they are searching it for the things which match the system created by the society, but it never lies there. It lies in the irrationalities that we used to follow up when we were children. Moreover, the true calling never has any purpose but it has only feelings, the feeling of creating something or the feeling of finding something or even the feeling of connecting with people. Our calling is comprised of our feeling than any divine purpose.

As our callings lie in the irrationalities so they are going to be risky. They do not fit well with the society and pushes us to get out of our comfort zone into the ocean of insecurities.


So is it worth it to follow your calling?

If you want to achieve your true worth, then definitely yes; if you want to live your every day, not fitting into the system but creating your own story, then its totally worth it.


Will it end up good for you?

Yeah, definitely. If you truly follow your calling, working hard for it and disregarding the failures in the way. Then it is definitely going to end up great for you. Just keep walking and take the feel of it. In the way, you are going to meet great people who will synchronize with your calling and with them, you will be able to create a beautiful story.