Growth opportunities for Indian SMBs
December 25, 2013

My shopping patterns have changed significantly over the last few years. Thanks to the advances in the technologies, my experiences of getting things done is getting better and better.

Like, for quite some time now all the books I’ve purchased were purchased online. I don’t remember the last time I visited local branch of my bank. I just now paid my mobile bill online. I also observe the same patterns in other people around me. People are booking their movie tickets, planning their travels, and even finding yoga teachers online. Buying Air tickets online is already happening for many years now.

But, keeping my experiences with big businesses aside, whenever I interact with local businesses or SMBs(Small & Medium Businesses), I find them using either no or very limited technologies. Although some of them are on social platforms, like facebook etc, and some have their websites, their efforts are not sufficient to help me out to get the things done in optimal ways.

I see lots of opportunities for SMBs to grow their businesses by using more and more technologies. Time has arrived when they need to  go beyond from obvious application of technologies.