Harder, better, stronger at crafting websites
Abhishek Sharma
December 6, 2017
We must from time to time look back at our work, how to deliver better value to our customers and level up the game by another notch. Improvement is the only way forward and there are two ways it can happen. One, as an everyday betterment-through our micro interaction with our work, from the learnings of yesterday. Two, as an event for an overhaul, from a collective experience. Both of which ring well with our approach at ColoredCow.
Today, I found myself working with my team on ‘two’. Having carefully crafted a dozen or more websites for our customers, we looked towards make it even better for them. To understand their dreams and challenges better than before. A method to listen better and listen close. To work harder to match it with our expertise so they continue to love the output. To build a stronger connection between our craft and the purpose of  the websites we work on.
As we discussed how to get there, one of the areas we zoomed into was vision transfer. We’re listening closer than before leading upto better requirement gathering. We believe this has a direct relation with the final product. As a result, we’ll get to the projects happening right, the first time around.
(I’ll share more about how we’re improving as we cover more areas)
We’re proud to have few of our operating principles emerging out of this. One of them beinng : ‘all our deliverables should empower our customers’.