How we screen resume quickly and effectively
Adiba Ahmed
March 2, 2017


We at ColoredCow use this simple algorithm to screen resume, cover letters, google forms or profiles that we receive for hiring. So far this method has never failed us and every time we use it our conviction for the technique increases. To get shortlisted, a candidate should score a minimum of 20 to reach to the next round. This method is quick and helps in seeing whether the candidate aligns with the company requirements. The PCCBSJ screening technique goes as follow:


P                    Passion            

Action:          Analyzing candidate’s cover letter, resume, google form and linkedin profile.

Reason:        To understand whether they are passionate about the skill they has applied for, trying to figure out his attitude towards       work/life/things in general and to observe whether he will sync with ColoredCow values.


Action:           How creative they get while applying, the cover letter, the answers, anything that shows their efforts.

Reason:         This indicates whether they are seriously interested in working with ColoredCow or it is just another company for them. And it shows how smart they are. Are they ready to think out of the box.

C                   Communication

Action:          Content evaluation, checking typing errors and sentence formation.

Reason:        At ColoredCow we strive to develop a non-dependency environment. So the developer/coder/designer or xyz has to handle multiple domains which include interacting with clients. Command over language is imperative.


Action:           Checking percentage/ CGPA over academics and their participation level over the years like technical fests, competitions, etc.

Reason:         It is to analyze their dedication level, to check whether they are professional enough to do what is required even     when it might not appear very interesting but is important to be done.


Action:          School, College, Skills

Reason:        To analyze how much they are used to competition. What skills they have and how good they are at it.


Action:         Check whether they are junior, freshers or experienced

Reason:        It is easier to analyze for retention. Someone who is still in college may have no organizational experience. So when they join ColoredCow as an intern there are opportunities to inculcate in them our way of doing things. An early placement helps us to create retention and asset development.

How to analyze while screening

Parameters Passion Creative Communication Brains School/Skills Junior
Marking (1-5)


The total score is not the important factor, if a person is exceptional in a couple of traits and average in rest then also it is worth to go for the next round.