Do interviews really suck
Abhishek Sharma
December 6, 2017

I’ve been juggling with the thought whether interviews are a good match making technique for companies and candidates or not. I conclude that it can’t be a means to an end for the purpose.
Being a startup, it is more important to know if a person can work under the given conditions. Whether it is the team or the kind of work. This can only be judged when both(the company and the candidate) spend some time living it together. Interview can only be a way to initiate this, not end it.


There are so many cases where, interviews attested a candidate’s capabilities but the performance under real conditions clearly negated it and vice versa.
One of the highlights from my interview at ColoredCow, was to solve a puzzle(not a cue for cracking interviews here). I remember how it turned from a fictitious problem to a humorous life critical situation. The point being, I don’t think that could have been the deciding factor. Ultimately it was an arrangement of working together to figure out the fitment, that gave the best answer. Not the interview. Interviews suck.


I personally would want to work with the people to demonstrate my potential, specially if I am fresh out of college. Would you? And if an awesome interaction helps me get there better then yeah, bring on the interview.