It’s not a 9-to-5
June 12, 2015

In one corner of the office I saw a bar stool standing tall with dignity amidst the business environment. Little did I realize that it was the chair that KD was talking about, the chair that ColoredCow got for him, for he is at his best when he is on it. It’s in their every conversation, be at the place that brings out the best in you and the time that’s most productive for you, everything else is secondary. It doesn’t matter if you like to work in cafe with a hot Latte by your side from 8am to 4pm or Sit on the bean bag in the office from 12 pm to 10pm with red bull that keeps rejuvenating you or even work from whenever you feel like, like our ColoredCow Designer, Abhishek Sharma, who continues showing his amazing work even when he is at home. So it’s simple, all that matters here is your productivity.

Aishwarya Sharma - Colored Cow

Happy Coding

– Aishwarya Sharma