Laracon Online – Interacting with community
Tushar Bohra
February 8, 2018

We started our journey with Laravel 3 years back and yesterday we took an important step towards being an active part of the community and meeting fellow Laravel Enthusiasts. We believe conferences are a great medium to know about what is happening and also to make connections.


In our journey so far, we have had the opportunity to work on many interesting projects and solve a lot of meaning full problems in Laravel. All along our way, we always banked on the Laravel Community’s support. Attending the Laracon Online conference was another step in taking an active part in the community.


We shared some great moments and got to part of some great discussions and keynotes. I have always seen conferences as an amazing place to augmenting the standard understanding of using any Technology as well as reconfirming our own invented non standard way of using the framework (:p).  I can proudly say that with all the interactions, I got more confidence on our capabilities of working with Laravel and our path for future.


Steve Schoger gave a nice developer centric design keynote. Not something that we see everyday.


Team all pumped up during the all nighter


Chris Fidao doing what he does best! It’s a wonder how he removes the abstraction from all the ‘scary’ server stuff


Mandatory Burger demolition by KD during the Laracon Online all nighter


The interactions were on fire in the chatrooms


Vaibhav was pretty active on Twitter during the conference, interacting with fellow Artisans over there. It all paid off well with a retweet from Wes Bos himself!



Retweet from Wes Bos!

Retweet from Wes Bos!


We signed off from the Conference with tremendous enthusiasm and optimism for the time ahead. There were some insight into the kind of setup the speakers were using and as we sometimes work remote we realised the importance of the setup and look forward to incorporating it into our workflows. I am also working towards speaking at some of the Laravel Conferences myself and having watched all these keynotes live will certainly of helpful.