My first Internship.
Sanchit Bajaj
June 19, 2017

Hello Reader,

I am a budding designer from School of Design Studies, Dehradun. Before telling you about my first internship, I would like to tell you something about my journey so far. Getting into college after 12th was not that tough for me but settling into a new environment was. I never moved to a lot of places so this was the first time I stepped out of my hometown. Moving out taught me that I shouldn’t get dependent on others and it helped me in shaping my personality. So whatever life was offering me, I was happily accepting that.


Beautiful campus of School of Design Studies, UPES, Dehradun


Being in college and experiencing a hostel life was amazing, staying away from family wasn’t easy. Living alone and taking care of myself was a challenge on another level but in the end, it taught me a lot of valuable lessons. After completing 3 years of my college life, it was the time to step out of this comfort zone and start a new chapter. A chapter which will expose me to a new life called the corporate life.


Honestly speaking, I was waiting for this chapter, a chapter where I will meet new people, build my connections and can work for the betterment of the society. As I had a clear mind about what kind of an internship program I was looking for, I approached those companies which were providing such kind of platforms where I can work for the same. I wanted to go for the startups because startups can give you exposure to all the domains in which they are working and help you in gaining knowledge in different sectors.


So after applying for the internship in startups, I got to know that getting an internship or a job is not an easy task. I have applied in almost 25 startups and got selected in one, I am not sad about not getting selected in others because I knew I will be stupid to think that I will get a job in first my attempt. I always believed that everything happens for a good reason so not getting selected in other companies and working with this startup was definitely a good thing for me.



ColoredCow was the company which gave me this opportunity to work with them as a summer intern. Now you might think what kind of a name is that, well that in itself justifies their reason behind keeping that name. They got me curious about the name and I went on their site to know more about them. After visiting their site I was surprised with the quality of work they had and I decided to apply for the company.


I was nervous about the Skype interview because it was for my first internship and that too on Skype. The interview went well because the person who was taking my interview was quite friendly, and from that interaction, I got more excited and wanted to be a part of ColoredCow. One can get an idea about the company by interacting with the people who are working in and from that interview I got the idea about them. After joining ColoredCow and meeting their team, I realized that not getting into any of those 24 startups were worth it.


ColoredCow has this friendly environment where everybody enjoys doing their work and also take interest in what other person is doing. Everyone is always trying to learn and improve at their level and everyone is humble enough to help each other. They have taught me that one should be happy with the kind of work he/she is doing and that is the only way one can be successful.


View from Tehri office


I am looking forward to more learning experiences in my internship and hope to share that with everyone. So till then, keep learning, Keep growing and don’t lose hope, everything happens for a good reason.

Have a great Day.


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