Building product/Hiring in THDC-IHET

April 1, 2017

ColoredCow has taken one step forward in realizing its dream of building software in places closer to nature. We are developing our flagship product ManageMyNGO (MMN) in THDC-IHET incubation center. The development phase is in progress and with the aim of building a larger team of developers and designers we have started hiring in THDC-IHET.

Being part of the millennial generation we already witness the large influence technology has in our life. ManageMyNGO (MMN) is creating the same wave in the social sector. Giving them an opportunity to target all their energy into the cause they associate with while we take care of all the non-core activities. A couple of clicks and they get to save the immense effort and time they waste in activities that hinder them from working for the change they want to create in India.

The hiring channels are open and people who are interested can share their Linkedin profiles or send their resumes at