Grow your skills in hills
(Laravel and React Native Bootcamps)

November 7, 2017

Code review during React Native Bootcamp


In an ever-evolving space like Software Development, you need to learn, unlearn and grow your skills regularly. To build a career in this domain it is important to be in sync with what the market needs.

With our experience in Laravel and React Native we decided to share our learnings with students who displayed a desire to learn and enhance their skills.


Discussion during Laravel Bootcamp


We ran a 10-days Laravel Bootcamp and a 7-days React Native Bootcamp where students implemented an end-to-end project with guided mentorship from our team.

These sessions were conducted free of cost under CodeTrek for students in hills.

We want to congratulate all these coding enthusiasts for their dedication and hard-work. Your passion to learn has motivated us to do better.


If you as well are interested in learning these languages or know a friend/sibling/junior who would be interested then share about CodeTrek with them. This might help someone in building a better career.

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