Now is the best time!
Tushar Bohra
December 1, 2017

All of us, all our lives are always waiting for the best time to do something.


The Best time to start loosing weight.
Best time to go on the trip you have been waiting for.
To buy the gadget that you wanted.


Overwhelming and long shot examples? Here are a few you would probably relate to in daily life.


The best time to respond to that email from your client.
Best time to correct a wrong process in organisation.
To write the blog about your new learning.


To all I would say, NOW is the best time.


There is a power in getting the things done, and shipping them out.


You can wait for the perfect time to reply to an email. Or choose to ship it right now and have one thing off your plate that very moment. The time to perfect will always be there. We can always come back and make things better.


Remember what Elon Musk did with

Elons Musk following the Ship it policy-