The Power of Daily Rituals
Shubham Joshi
December 7, 2017

From the time of our birth our life has been a journey of experiences. With more experiences our mind expand and so does our abilities and capabilities to connect with the world. It’s strange how even after so many years of learning new things, we haven’t mastered its art. The reason behind it is that learning requires effort.

If we want to become good at something then we need to practice it daily with consistency. But our progress does not go as smooth as we plan it to be, there are always some hurdles. Sometimes we won’t see any growth for a long time or our progress would be less as compared to our peers, at such times it becomes even more difficult to maintain the consistency and keep on trying.

We here at ColoredCow believe in developing daily rituals for the things on which we want to excel. Making rituals help us to embed that practice into our daily routine. Practicing towards our goal then becomes like a habit of brushing our teeth, for which we hardly make any extra effort. We follow the rule that we have to practice our ritual daily no matter how we small progress we make or how funny we look. With consistency, things start to get better over time.

Another benefit of making a ritual is that it helps us to effectively use our cognitive resources. Making an extra effort requires planning and lot of mental activity, we might get ourselves into analysis-paralysis of making the right choice, which would waste a lot of time and our mental energy.

As we follow our ritual for few days, we get out of the kick-starting mode and then can work on the real growth. We are able to see the long-term effects and then our practice sessions become more creative and fruitful. They start turning into our habits.