Practices we follow at ColoredCow for project management
Abhishek Sharma
April 10, 2018

Being connected with the clients

To understand the business requirements and align with their product goals. To resolve the abstraction of converting business requirements to working features and creating a smooth delivery model for it.
We hold regular calls and meetings to discuss the progress and share the achievements. We visit them onsite to learn about their business and to form better partnership.


Being there for client’s support

We take pride in being responsive to our client’s beck and call. We always keep them informed and keep their confidence in us intact. What sets us apart from other companies is that between clients’ business and public holidays we choose the former.
We use the available channels to communicate with them and involve the team at the right time for the support.


Always delivering more

We empathise with the clients and take responsibility of living upto our commitments. And once that is done we find opportunity to give a bit more. Doing what is assigned is transactional, while doing a bit extra builds relationships.


Bringing clarity to communication and decision making

To reduce the waste due to inefficient communication and working for the wrong results.
We use tools like GitHub, Slack, Google Hangouts Chat, Skype to bring out clarity in the discussions so that the right actions can be taken.


Make a dent in the universe

We do whatever it takes to hear “This makes my life better” from our customers. It motivates us when our efforts are considered valuable. That’s how we confirm that what we do really makes a difference. That if we stop doing what we do, people would notice. We have a sense of urgency about this too. We don’t have forever. This is our life’s work and we really want to shake things up. What we do is our legacy.