Puzzled by the amount of learning I need to do
Nishanth KD
June 19, 2015

Have you always wanted to build eye-catching, making-dent-in-the universe user-interfaces?

Flash Back – 2013

I had always wanted to get into web design and development. Fancy aesthetic user interfaces that make you feel cool. I applied my perfectionist approach to it and started collecting the stuff I need to know before I build a COOL system. I also copied code base that was clumsy, a design that was cluttered & belonged to somebody else, and a functionality that was NULL. I didn’t know why it didn’t workout! I didn’t realize the way I was trying to learn was just making me a script scavenger than a craft person.


What I followed is the general trend. When anybody wants to become a front-end developer or anybody else for the matter of fact, they go to google, collect the stuff and try to study. But internet is really cluttered with the things like become a front-end developer in five minutes. Ya, it’s cool to become a world class front-end developer in five minutes but becoming a craft person, a true professional needs some more serious efforts.

Present – 2015

Looking back at how things were almost two years back i decided to make a chart of my technical journey at Colored Cow. The Chart below starts on a decent evening in the month of July last year.

IMG-20150611-WA0005 (1)(I can’t name our clients due to some legalities, hence their names have been blurred)

The moment I finished this chart, I was filled with a sense of accomplishment. I’m sure there are people who have grown bigger and that too faster, but I am happy with what I have achieved so far. It was not just technical and instead a holistic emotional, social and professional growth.


My journey with Colored Cow began almost an year back. I joined as an intern when both CC and I were in a premature state. From being an entry level programmer i reached a state where i could say i had worked on complex systems out of which some were outsourced by off-shore clients and some where in-house projects one which is CC’s very own product.

Yes, all of this happened in one year and i didn’t have to kill life to reach here. I am currently the technical lead for two separate projects at CC. I sort of solved the puzzle of too much and figured out a way to build COOL systems.

-Nishanth KD