What it means for products companies to create impact and be meaningful?
November 16, 2017
In today’s world of ever evolving product needs, solving problems effectively is the basis for impact.

ColoredCow stands at a verge of bursting a new sprout with a new definition and a new entry into making meaningful, meaningful. We are a problem solving company, and so far we’ve solved problems for our clients in various ways, by pulling them out of product shutdown, by making their customers stick with their product, by giving them services when they were down, by sprinting in the last minute to make them shine, by creating an experience that they trust us for their complete software needs.


And through this, we have built large scale applications ex. one that big health insurance companies use to track and provide preventive healthcare options for their people.
Another one that therapy clinics use to manage their practices and make it really easy and smooth for the patients to receive care.
Healthcare has become a central domain for ColoredCow as we went on to support another product that oncologists of an entire country can use to participate in tumour boards and change the face of healthcare.
With products that have such a vision and capability, our efforts can’t stop at just building products but also injecting the intelligence it needs to reach their goals.


ColoredCow is an entity that grows it’s legs and arms not just by learning new tools and technology and creating great interfaces but also by learning domains and meeting the product goals. We are furthering our purpose for all the products we built, by using our knowledge of programming languages and frameworks like, Laravel, WordPress, Liferay, React Native; and experience of combining it with design to built products successfully.


We’re scaling our problem solving approach to make products meaningful, so that they can create the impact that they were intended for. So that they are not made for the sake of making it, so that the products are not a means to an end but a basis for prosperous businesses. A promise for the people to really solve their problems.


The word meaningful is overused and under performed. And that’s the gap we’re taking on the world to solve.