Scale up your WooCommerce business with us

We specialize in providing top-level services and consulting for your eCommerce business. With WooCommerce and the huge marketplace it comes with, ask our experts whether an existing plugin can solve your problem or you need a custom-made developed especially for you.

Our recent work

Our team of experts specializes in developing tailored plugins and features. Here’s a glimpse of our recent work:

  • Shipment calendar: A custom plugin to handle the complex shipping schedule of your delivery vendor.
  • Custom products: Allow your customers to create a whole new different product using different combinations of other products.
  • Super-charged subscriptions: Easy flow for customers to update their existing subscriptions anytime.
  • Reporting: Created a custom plugin that gives you a sales report based on different parameters like billing/shipping address, order status, time range. Comes with a couple of templates (detailed and summary) for the reports.
  • Custom subscription coupon: A new custom discount type that overcomes limitations of default coupons provided by WooCommerce Subscriptions.
  • WooCommerce Store Performance: Improved store performance at different levels: CDN, applying WordPress and WooCommerce best practices, database optimizations, and caching.

Our expertise in WooCommerce

Over time, as the WooCommerce marketplace expanded, our expertise in the eCommerce domain also grew. Our team has expertise to implement complex functionalities that were not even possible in the past couple of years.

  • Automated order subscriptions and custom-built features for subscribers.
  • Enhancing customer engagement through follow up emails.
  • Improving business operations through offline stock management and syncing via WooCommerce API.
  • Dynamic order shipping and partnership with shipping giants like FedEx and UPS.
  • Increasing choices for customers through a complex multi-vendor platform leading to more sales for our clients.

WooCommerce as maintenance

Already have a WooCommerce store? Our support team can help with upgrading your store to the latest tech stack, make custom enhancements to the features, or make sure your store is running 24x7 without a glitch.

We’ve been powering a US-based food-tech for more than 3 years to run their eCommerce store smoothly with hundreds of daily orders.

Design in WooCommerce

Do you want your store to reflect the exact you? Onboard our design team to determine the key elements that your online store needs to reflect.

Here are some of our latest design work in WooCommerce:

  • Designed an extremely seamless workflow for editing subscriptions.
  • Custom product marketing page.
  • Shipment calendar - An interface for admins to manage the order shipping dates.

Get your work done from people building WooCommerce

We aren't just building projects on WooCommerce. We’re also building WooCommerce.

Some of our open-source contributions to the WooCommerce ecosystem: