Storage cost considerations for an education platform
November 19, 2020

If you are planning to host an online education platform, offering classroom based or one-to-one digital tutoring, you definitely need to think about maintaining video recordings and give serious thinking on allocating storage budgets.

Here’s a quick calculation of how much average data a small-scale education portal needs to store:

  1. A class of students is active for 6-hours online daily.
  2. That is 180 hours in a 30-days month.
  3. 1 hour of recording is approximately 250MB.
  4. So 180 hours will use 45,000MB or ~45GB.
  5. That means storing 45GB per month per class.
  6. That’s 540GB per year
  7. If you have around 10 classes running parallel, that’s 5.4TB per year

While using web-based video services like Zoom, their streaming services are definitely unmatched, their storage service can get little tricky.

5.4 TB of data storage in default cloud integration from these video-streaming apps can cost in the range of $10,000-$15,000 yearly.

There are other cost-effective storage services where these recordings can be uploaded and maintained.

Cloud Storage ServiceYearly cost for 5.4TB (approx)
DigitalOcean Spaces Object Storage$1,300
Google Cloud Storage$1,500
Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage$1,600
AWS Simple Storage Service$1,800

All these cloud storage services provide API-based integration, which can be directly hooked with your education platform or with your video-streaming service.