An effortless way to make businesses efficient
A talk on enhancing the efficiency of businesses with a better handle on it through data and tools already being used
Prateek Narang

Some of the burning questions a business must ask itself:

  • Do I know where my team members shine and where they need help? Is is based on feeling or DATA?
  • Do I know if the projects are running smoothly and the billing is happening properly?
  • What happens when a team member leaves? How does knowledge transfer happen?
  • Do I know the percentage of team trained in the skills my business sells or needs? Do I know who needs what kind of training?

The answers are already there, they just need to be seen.


Whether it is a small organisation, too small to produce enough data related to HR, finances, operations, projects or a big organisation which feels that they have all of their functions under control through the various departments, they all need to make informed decisions for their business to profit and do well. These decisions could either be intuitive and feeling based or based on the trails of data that the organisation leaves behind which can be collected without making any extra effort at all and then synthesised for effective decision making.

This talk shows how building a business can be much less intimidating and more empowering.

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