Harness design basics for greater development
We believe in building applications with a strong integration of technology and design
Abhishek Sharma
UI/UX Designer

As observed by the popularity of Apple products and its like, there’s an increased expectation from design and tech for the success of the product. This is true for all products including the software applications. It demands an excellence from designers and developers to collaborate better. This collaboration or overlap while building the application is where the magic happens. A framework is a great medium to allow for this collaboration. And identifying patterns and bringing a new awareness in the process of development can make teams more efficient and harness the magic.

This talk covers-

  • The art of building greater applications by paying attention to design from the start
  • Realising the ways of deviating from the basics and its consequences
  • Increasing effectiveness of iterations and feedback


Why me for this talk?
We believe in building applications with a strong integration of technology and design. However, what matters is the play between tech and design for a remarkable execution. From our experience, we see a scope in this area to make the process of building softwares more efficient. Despite the maturity of design and development team, we’ve faced iterations after iterations to perfect the application interface. This would result in longer timelines and increased cost. With minor tweaks and practice we were able to solve this situation. Our team of developers used their existing skills for an enhanced execution. It further enabled them to create viable products faster, without needing the designs. It came from our need to use our resources efficiently and we believe it can benefit others. Though these principles apply for development of websites, or web and mobile softwares of any scope and scale the examples are specific to Laravel for this talk.


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