Why developing entrepreneurial mindset in students is a must
A talk for all those forward thinking colleges & universities who want to cultivate a culture of entrepreneurship among their students.
Prateek Narang

“Entrepreneurship is a life idea that requires the ability to remake yourself as you grow and as the world changes.”

This talk addresses how the changes in the economy has pushed us all to think of new ways to succeed. There’s a need to develop a competitive edge and to continuously transform the skillsets to create value. To manage the constraints, build network and opportunities rather than waiting for things to turn out well. One way to know how relevant you are in creating this value is by verifying the impact you’re making.

The development of entrepreneurial mindset is required at all stages of career and better still, to do it at the education level. It requires collaboration between academia and the industry and with the inclusion of stakeholders of the education ecosystem.

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