Demystifying Laravel Service Container
Digging deep into the framework
Vaibhav Rathore
Full-Stack Developer

In my programming career, I’ve met two types of Laravel developers:

  • Type 1: Who thinks Laravel is magical.
  • Type 2: Who knows it’s basic PHP with an extraordinary implementation.

If you fall in the first category, this talk will help you become type 2. If you’re already in type 2, this will convince you to dig further and see what level of efforts someone can put in to make such a “magical” platform.

In this talk we’ll be looking at:

  1. Defining the Laravel Service Container – building blocks for the framework
  2. How the framework utilizes it for dependency injections using Service Providers.
  3. How you can use these concepts in your routine development use cases.


You can find the slides for the talk here.


This talk is more hands-on rather than just the slides. You will have to try implementing these concepts yourself to get a better understanding of them.


This talk was originally presented at the LaravelLive Delhi meetup July Chapter.

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