Laravel and DevOps
Sharing experiences in launching successful application with the right infrastructure
Vaibhav Rathore
Full-Stack Developer

Just a standalone Laravel installation doesn’t make your application complete. There are multiple aspects of application development apart from the framework. Server setup, web hosting, file permissions, email configurations, storage, backups and what not! Having all these properly configured makes your application optimized and secure.

This talk focuses on how you can utilize Amazon Web Services to set up your Laravel application in a controlled and secure environment. Most importantly, learn how to reduce the overall infrastructure cost significantly.


Session Details:

  1. Getting started with AWS EC2.
  2. Setting up Laravel prerequisites: PHP71, Nginx/Apache, Composer, NPM
  3. Installing Laravel 5.6 and configuring file and directory permissions.
  4. Using LetsEncrypt for SSL setup.
  5. Automated backups of your Laravel Application. Laravel Scheduler and AWS S3.
  6. AWS Simple Email Service for all your outgoing emails and app notifications.
  7. Automated tools that configure your application infrastructure: Envoyer, Forge, etc.
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