Abhishek mixes his ability of understanding requirements and project’s vision with UI/UX design chops to create sustainable solutions that the project requires. He takes Design Thinking as his guiding principle for problem-solving.


Abhishek leads Design for ColoredCow and brings minimalist & iterative approach in his design process. He has a uniquely artistic way of seeing things and the perfectionist in him never misses out on details. He believes that once the smaller stones are set, the bigger ones can easily be taken care of. His deep care for design helps him in converting ideas into usable prototypes that can resonate with user’s perspective.


A designer, a painter, a poet, a writer and a storyteller. Abhishek wears different hats to give his creative soul a voice. Creation brings him happiness and that is one of the reasons he chose to study Mechanical Engineering from Shiv Nadar University, Greater Noida. Later on when his inclination towards design became stronger he went ahead to make a career in it with the same desire of creating something remarkable.


While working with the team Abhishek is known for bringing his out-of-the box perspectives to the table. With his witty, calm & disciplined demeanor, he pushes himself and the team to work hard and bring out the best results.