Prateek comes from a background of 16 years of experience in the IT industry, where he has built both software programs as well as entire organizations from scratch. He joined his first job at Tata Interactive Systems, as one of the first few employees. In his next job at National Cash Register (NCR), he was the first one to be hired. Both these jobs shaped the entrepreneur he is today.


But now when Prateek reflects on it, he knows that he has been subconsciously polishing his entrepreneur skills since childhood. Be it conducting talent exams for nearby schools, organizing events in his locality or making kites and selling them one vacation, he enjoyed those moments of spark and kept working on them to find new ones.


Prateek over the years had opportunities of working with software development professionals from all over the world. While observing the different ways of building software, Prateek’s love for writing good code and creating remarkable software strengthened. From those soul searching years, the seed of ColoredCow originated.


With his exceptional people skills, you can see Prateek nurturing and growing ColoredCow every day. You’ll either find him reading or brainstorming new ideas or just talking to everyone and finding ways to make things happen. You can often hear Prateek say (both on lightheaded and frustrated notes) that he either has two kids, Jia and ColoredCow, or two startups!


Prateek has a unique ability to add soul to whatever he does. No place can be idle or boring when he is around. With his love for music and life, he keeps inspiring everyone around him to not just dream but achieve a meaningful life.