Vaibhav has worked on various WordPress projects to be called an expert of short deliveries. With his ability to swiftly change priorities he is an asset to our engineering team. He believes there’s a huge difference in writing code and writing good code. He is a big fan of Pragmatic Programmer and Code Complete 2 too. He takes pride in writing seamless responsive code with good performance.


He loves to expand his knowledge by simply being the technology curious person he is. His inquisitive alignment helps him in finding innovative solutions to tricky problems. He studied Computer Engineering at Kumaon Engineering College, Dwarahat.


Though quiet & shy in outlook, his soothing company is something that everyone looks forward to. This tranquil demeanor does not stop him from speaking his mind with clarity and it is a delight to hear his logical perspectives to different situations.


With a musical taste for life, Vaibhav likes to create music through his guitar and makes sure to polish his skills every now and then. As a sports enthusiast, he follows a number of sports but his real love stays with football. So trying to distract him while coding or while he is watching RealMadrid play is one of the toughest tasks. To top it all he is a movie buff and a passionate gamer!


Over his time with ColoredCow Vaibhav has displayed immense potential in managing complicated projects while working independently or in a team. His disciplined way of working and his calm attitude while dealing with ups and downs inspires the team in staying positive and motivated.